Expertise Hub VIDEO: Building on a Track Record (MHI Vestas)

While offshore wind developers are expecting turbines of 13-15MW capacity to be rolled out over the next few years (by 2024), MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has launched its 9.5MW turbine and brought the market only 0.5MW (500kW) away from the two-figure-megawatt point.

The company’s 8MW turbines are already spinning at the Burbo Bank Extension wind farm off the coast of the UK, and the V164-9.5 MW turbine continues the legacy of the proven V164 platform with increased energy output from minimal design changes, according to the company’s statement upon the 9.5MW turbine launch.

During the Offshore WIND Expertise Hub held at the beginning of June, we spoke with Henrik Bæk Jørgensen, Head of Product Management at MHI Vestas, about the company’s newly-launched turbine, as well as those that would meet the projections for 2024. Even though Jørgensen did not disclose any plans for producing offshore wind turbines beyond 9.5MW, he said MHI Vestas will continue to have a very competitive product.

And as the sector revolves around setting up low-cost, large-scale offshore wind farms comprising fewer turbines, the manufacturers are focusing on more than just supplying the turbines.

“We are trying to look at the complete business case for our customers and not just isolated on the turbine supply,” said Henrik Bæk Jørgensen.

In the video above, along with MHI Vestas’ technology, you can find out more about how the company is working closely with Balance of Plant (BoP) suppliers and developers to provide the best possible solution for offshore wind farms featuring its turbines.

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