MHI Vestas Books Vestvind to Transport Mega Turbine Components

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has chartered United Wind Logistics’ specialized vessel Vestvind to transport the V164-8.0 MW turbine components.

Source: MHI Vestas

The Vestvind has already started delivering turbine components to Belfast for the Walney Extension wind farm in the Irish Sea.

“This is yet another milestone for our company, we’re very proud to partner with United Wind Logistics in the long term charter of the transport vessel Vestvind,” MHI Vestas Chief Operations Officer, Flemming Ougaard, said.

This massive ship not only makes our operations more efficient, but also is powerful evidence of our relentless dedication to driving down the cost of energy.”

Having 100% usage of the Vestvind has distinct implications for MHI Vestas, namely that the vessel fits the high requirements for efficiently transporting the blades, nacelles and towers for the massive V164-8.0 MW turbines, the company said.

The charter between MHI Vestas and United Wind Logistics includes a full package of engineering services, the turbine maker said. United Wind Logistics specializes in engineering services such as design and procurement of grillage and sea fastening solutions as well as outfitting and operational services such as crewing and bunkering for Vestvind.

“The challenge of developing the most efficient and safe solution for transporting all V164 components, while reducing cost, has been very exciting. The VestVind, as the logistical solution, is the result of our joint efforts and close partnership with MHI Vestas,” United Wind Logistics Managing Director, Lars Rolner, said.

The 660MW Walney Extension offshore wind farm is being built off Cumbria by DONG Energy. The wind farm will consist of 40 MHI Vestas and 47 7MW Siemens wind turbines, scheduled to be commissioned in 2019.

The V164-8.0 MW turbines have been optimised for the Walney Extension West project, utilising a power mode to be able to deliver a maximum output of 8.25MW.