Blue Water Shipping and BREB Handle Blade Behemoths

Blue Water Shipping has recently completed the transportation of three of the world’s largest wind turbine blades from Esbjerg, Denmark to Bremerhaven, Germany.

The blades were produced by LM Wind Power, and are 88.4 metres long with the combined weight of 112 tons.

The blades were designed jointly by LM Wind Power and Adwen, and will be used on the turbine maker’s AD 8-180 offshore wind turbine model.

Blue Water chartered the open deck carrier M/V Meri from Meriaura Ltd for the voyage between Esbjerg and Bremerhaven and executed the loading operation in Esbjerg.

The discharging operation in Bremerhaven was executed through the recently formed joint venture between Blue Water Shipping and Germany’s Bremer Reederei E&B (BREB), dubbed BluewaterBREB.

The three blades will supposedly be used on Adwen’s 8MW prototype turbine which will be installed at Fraunhofer IWES’ offshore wind turbine test field in Bremerhaven.

Photo: Source: BWS

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