May: Good Post-Brexit UK-EU Relationship in Both Sides’ Interests

In her keynote Brexit speech – Plan for Britain – which includes 12 priorities that the UK government will use to negotiate Brexit, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has made clear her support for renewables and said that the UK is at the forefront of fields such as science, innovation, and clean energy.

Image source: UK Government; ©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

“From space exploration to clean energy to medical technologies, Britain will remain at the forefront of collective endeavours to better understand, and make better, the world in which we live,” May said.

The UK Prime Minister further said that she is confident that a new strategic partnership, and a positive relationship, between the UK and the European Union can be achieved after Brexit, as it would be in interests of both sides.

“We are a crucial – profitable – export market for Europe’s automotive industry, as well as sectors including energy, food and drink, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. These sectors employ millions of people around Europe,” May said.

Following the Prime Minister’s speech, RenewableUK issued a statement highlighting the support for the energy sector.

RenewableUK’s Executive Director Emma Pinchbeck said: “The Prime Minister has sent a strong signal that Britain is open for business by stating that we’ll be more outward looking than ever before as a global trading nation.

The renewable energy market is an international one worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year. As the UK is the global leader in offshore wind as well as wave and tidal energy, we’re well placed to attract investment and to export renewable energy kit to every corner of the world.

There are huge opportunities in the booming renewables market for us to grow and create British jobs – and the Prime Minister recognises this, as she specifically cited clean energy as one of the innovative, cutting edge sectors in which Britain must remain a leader”.