Belgium to Start Building Maritime Research Centre

The construction of a new maritime research centre in the industrial area of the Port of Oostende will start early next year. The centre will house a wave pool and a towing tank for research into the impact of waves, tides and wind on ships and objects at sea.

The wave pool is a 30 x 30-meter concrete structure with a 1.5 meters depth, where controlled currents, waves and wind can be generated to enable testing at scale for floating wind turbines, wave and tidal converters and other offshore structures. The towing tank has dimensions of 174 x 20 meters and can house testing of boat hulls and ship manoeuvres.

The Flemish Government is investing over EUR 30 million in the 2-in-1 complex. In early December, secretary Ben Weyts signed a supply contract for the construction of buildings for an amount of EUR 18.9 million.

West-Flemish company Artes Depret NV from Zeebrugge will build the entire complex according to a design by Signum + Architects and Technum.

The necessary procedures were completed and the construction can start already in early 2017.

Image: THV Signum+ Technum

Photo: Image: THV Signum+ Technum

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