ADEME Studying Wind Sector to Advance French Renewable Energy Policy

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) has launched a new study titled “Characterisation of technological innovations and industrial maturity in the wind sector”.

The study will use global technology expertise, industry engagement and expert cost of energy modelling to assess the opportunities for the French market and supply chain in offshore, both fixed and floating, and onshore wind.

“This important study will allow milestones to be set for the evolution of both onshore and offshore sector; it will play a key role in the development of French renewable energy policy at this critical time”, said Robert Bellini from ADEME. “It will also help ADEME in its support to innovations.”

A consortium of BVG Associates, GS Consulting and INNOSEA is working with ADEME to deliver the study.

The report will characterise innovations in the short, medium and long term, assess their likely impact on cost of energy and qualify the technical and economic maturity of onshore and offshore wind.

The work will also include conducting a series of one-to-one interviews with current and potential key players in the French supply chain. The insight from these interviews, when combined with the innovation cost modelling work, will influence the strategic policy actions needed on a regional and national level to make the most of the wind energy opportunities in France and abroad.

“Building on previous work we have done covering global, regional and national markets, this study will apply our consistent industry-mapping processes and robust modelling to identify the impact of innovations in the French market,” said Project Director, Giles Hundleby of BVG Associates. “The combination of BVG Associates experience with the local knowledge and relationships of GS Consulting and INNOSEA should prove a strong team in delivering this work.”

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