VIDEO: Pre-Construction, Construction and O&M (Expertise Hub)

For offshore wind farms to properly deliver power to households on land, not only do professionals using gigantic vessels and high-tech machinery need to install massive and complex infrastructure, but the selected sites also must be thoroughly surveyed before the construction can start. Once all set up, those turbines sticking out way above the sea surface require maintenance specialists to keep all the systems going as smoothly as possible.

This article brings you highlights from our conversations with companies involved in pre-construction, construction, and operations & maintenance (O&M) activities.

To watch the entire interviews with representatives from MMT, DEME (Tideway), Jan De Nul and 3Sun Group, who talked about their offshore wind works, provided first-hand insights and forecasts for the industry, follow the links below the respective videos.

Among other topics, Phil Wilson, Sales Manager at MMT, spoke about MMT’s potential future opportunities in offshore wind:

Watch the entire interview with Phil Wilson HERE.

UK Representative at DEME’s Tideway Offshore Solutions, Jonathan Wheatley, and Sjoerd Meijer, Manager of Tideway’s Subsea Business Unit, shared some details on upgrading the company’s fleet and focusing on offshore wind during the oil & gas market slowdown:

Watch the entire interview with Jonathan Wheatley and Sjoerd Meijer HERE.

Carl Heiremans, Business Development Manager Offshore Wind at Jan De Nul, gave his insight into different playing fields in different European countries:

Watch the entire interview with Carl Heiremans HERE.

With the UK being the leader in offshore wind, 3sun Group’s Senior Account Manager, Jody Potter, reflected on the UK companies’ position within the offshore wind market outside the country:

Watch the entire interview with Jody Potter HERE.

The interviews took place at the first Offshore WIND Expertise Hub, set up during the Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference 2016 in Amsterdam, with an aim to put spotlight on companies and people working in the sector.

Photo: Illustration (Image source: Jan De Nul)

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