Peterson Backs Gemini OWF with Aviation Fuel

Energy logistics provider Peterson has secured a contract with Siemens to supply Jet A1 aviation fuel in offshore transport fuel tanks, which will be transported from Peterson’s supply base in Den Helder, the Netherlands, to the Siemens service base facility in Eemshaven, and then shipped to the Gemini offshore wind farm.

In addition to the supply of aviation fuel, Peterson will provide and maintain a sufficient number of aviation fuel tanks ready for transit with a capacity of 2,900 litres. Peterson will cover the refilling of the tanks and follow procedures to correctly handle the disposal of waste fuel.

David Molenaar, director of Siemens Wind Power in the Netherlands, said : “The Gemini wind farm is facilitated with a refuelling system for helicopters. This enables us to plan our helicopters in a safe and efficient manner. The mix of services provided by Peterson Chemicals for aviation fuel, portable offshore transport tanks, land, sea and air transport, dangerous goods procedures, and customs documentation is an excellent fit to our needs.”

The contract commenced on 1 August and will continue for one year, with a possibility to extend for three more years.

Photo: Image: Peterson