Danish Companies Vying for Horns Rev 3 Work

Danish companies are turning their attention to Hvide Sande which is expected to become the centre of activities related to what is to be the largest offshore wind farm in Danish waters – Vattenfall’s 406MW Horns Rev 3, the Danish Wind Energy Association (DWIA) said.

The Swedish energy company and its main subcontractors should in the near future draw contracts to the area, including the contract for the operation and maintenance of the wind farm’s 49 optimised MHI Vestas V164-8.0 MW turbines, the first of which are expected to be installed and connected in 2017.

“Horns Rev 3 fits well in the cluster we already have on the West Coast in the form of both Sandbank, DanTysk and Horns Rev 1 wind farms,” said Bent Johansen, Vatenfall’s director of operations in Denmark.

“We are investing intensively in wind energy now and in the coming years, and our approach is that do not sell the projects after a short time, but we stay with the project.”

Vatenfall is currently looking for providers of O&M services for the Horns Rev 3 project, and the local companies have formed a Hvide Sande Service Group to jointly bid on what would otherwise be too big of a contract for any of the companies involved in the group.

Horns Rev 3 is Vattenfall’s largest ever investment in offshore wind and a part of the company’s long-term strategy to invest more than EUR 5.5 billion in development of on- and offshore wind energy generation capacity over the next 5 years.

Vattenfall reached the final investment decision on the project in June 2016.

Offshore WIND Staff

Photo: Source; MHI Vestas