UPDATE: Riffgat OWF Back Online Since May

EWE, the owner and operator of the Riffgat offshore wind farm in Germany, has confirmed to Offshore WIND that the export cable is repaired and that the wind farm has been back on the grid since 22 May. 

Source: Dalby Offshore

UK-based Dalby Offshore yesterday reported that its barge, ASV Pioneer, recently supported the successful completion of an export cable repair on the 113.4MW Riffgat offshore wind farm off Borkum Island in Northern Germany.

Riffgat went offline in November 2015, when the export cable suffered a short circuit, and the latest update on the wind farm’s operation was published in February 2016, when it was said that Riffgat would be put back online in April.

Following Dalby Offshore’s press release, Offshore WIND contacted EWE, however, the company had not responded by the time of publishing the initial article. This morning, EWE confirmed that the wind farm has been operational since May.

This was the second time the farm had to stop producing power due to faulty cables. Riffgat was also shut down in August 2014 after the cable connecting the wind farm to the grid was affected during the work on the DolWin converter station, and needed to be stabilised.

Riffgat comprises 30 SWT-3.6-120 Siemens wind turbines.

The article was updated on 7 July, following a response from EWE.

The initial article was titled Riffgat Export Cable Finally Fixed?

Offshore WIND Staff