DNV GL: Renewables to Become Safest Investment by 2025

Renewable generation will become the safest investment choice in the power market and dominate power generation new builds in the next ten years, DNV GL predicts in its Technology Outlook 2025.

DNV GL identified ten technology trends in materials, wind, solar, electricity storage, data-communications and power electronics that will unleash a ‘perfect storm,’ creating a new power reality and transforming the existing power systems.

One of the trends is bigger and smarter wind turbines. The turbines of the future will include light, flexible blades and aerodynamic control devices which, combined with innovations in transmission systems, new sensors and smart control systems, will ensure better utilisation of the available wind and will react to the needs of the electricity grid, DNV GL said.

Another trend, digitalisation, will lead to more, faster and better data, increased computing power and better connectivity of all elements in the power system. This will optimise the design, planning and operations of assets in wind, solar, transmission, distribution and the use of electricity in society.

Costs for maintenance of wind turbines and wind farms will be lower and demand response invitations, where customers can voluntarily reduce demand in peak moments, will be better-tuned to individual and changing consumer wishes.

In order to accommodate the increasing share of renewable energy, electricity will need to be transmitted over ever-longer distances. High Voltage Direct Current is the solution of lowest cost in this regard, according to DNV GL.

Hybrid grids, which the existing AC grid will evolve toward, is defined as the addition of ever-more HVDC connections within and between AC power systems. In this way, grids are evolving into combinations of AC and highly controllable DC systems.