Global Tech I Joins Terawatt-Hour Club

The 400MW Global Tech I far shore wind farm marked a milestone of delivering one terawatt-hours (TWh) of energy to the German grid earlier in April, some seven months after its official commissioning.

In January alone, the month of strongest winds, Global Tech I’s 80 Adwen 5MW turbines fed over 150 gigawatt-hours of power into the German grid.

Hendrik Steindam, Commercial Managing Director of Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH: “The Global Tech I wind farm is situated 140 kilometres from Emden in the middle of the German North Sea. The strong and constant winds out there are paying off in terms of continuously high energy output. We now estimate that on average over the year our turbines will easily exceed 4,000 hours of maximum load in operation and so give a big boost to the energy policy transformation.”

In total the company calculates that the fully operational wind farm, after deducting energy losses such as due to transmission, should produce at least 1.4 billion kilowatt-hours of power each year. This is a sufficient to supply 445,000 households with average electricity demand of 3,130 kilowatt-hours.

Photo: Source: Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH

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