Primo Marine Completes Cable Emergency Response Manual for Luchterduinen OWF

Rotterdam-headquartered Primo Marine has finalized the Cable Emergency Response Manual for the subsea power cables of the 129MW Luchterduinen offshore wind farm.

Source: Eneco

Primo Marine was commissioned to compile an operational Cable Emergency Response Manual, covering prevention, and preparedness & response in regard to cable emergencies and planned solutions.

The main objective was to develop a handbook for user requirements and guidelines that establish the expectations for identified failure scenarios for both the infield and export cables, as well as beach and offshore site locations.

The manual is to form the basis for regular inspections and preventative maintenance and includes the recovery from both foreseeable and unpredictable events so as not to affect the operational ability of the wind farm over its lifetime.

Jaap Smit, CEO of Primo Marine, said: “We were delighted to have been entrusted to compile the Cable Emergency Response Manual, considering the strategic importance of integrating subsea power cables into the operational Emergency Response solutions for the entire Offshore Wind Farm. This importance was significantly recognised by our client. All our specialist expertise ranging from onshore and offshore engineering to project and construction management has been incorporated into this manual in order to support our client with their Operations & Maintenance challenges.”

Luchterduinen, which became operational in 2015, is jointly owned by Mitsubishi Corporation and Eneco Wind BV and is located 23 kilometres off the Dutch coast of Noordwijk.

“It was a real pleasure to read the Cable Emergency Response Manual. All the internal reviews have confirmed this to be an excellent document, to determine our strategy and proceed with appropriate steps for implementation,” Renzo Schildmeijer, Maintenance Manager of Eneco Wind Operations Offshore, said.