Offshoretronic Lays Out Drilling Vessel to WTIV Concept

Spanish company Offshoretronic has informed that it designed the first wind farm installation vessel (WTIV) concept based on the conversion of the Samsung 10.000 DP Deepwater Drillship.

According to the company, the newly designed vessel, named Sustainable Installer I, and installation method will have a 30% faster installation time compared to the older wind turbine installation jack-up vessels. The Sustainable Installer I will be able to perform the installation of turbines of up to 8MW, install XL and XXL piles and carry all the required tools onboard.

At present some of the Samsung 10.000 DP Deepwater Drilling units are for sale and are only 5 years old, with a price tag under USD 200 million, Offshoretronic said. “With today’s price tags it will be very cost efficient to convert and modify any Deepwater Drillship into a new Generation Windfarm Installation Ship.”

The company said it already received positive feedback from various parties within the offshore construction industry, equipment manufactures and wind farm operators.

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