New Jersey Senate Passes Wind Energy Bill

New Jersey’s Senate yesterday approved a bill that clears the path for Fishermen’s Energy to build the proposed 25MW wind farm off Atlantic City.

Image source: iStock

The state Senate voted 28-9 in favour of the Wind Energy Projects S2711.

The bill, which was passed by the Assembly by a 48-21 vote on December 17, permits the state’s Board of Public Utilities (BPU) to approve qualified wind energy projects, and requires BPU to provide a 30-day application period for those projects.

The bill also removes the requirements that the entity seeking to construct the project prepares and submits a cost-benefit analysis to BPU, and that BPU’s approval of the project depends in part upon the results of a cost-benefit analysis.

Fishermen’s Energy’s project to build a five-turbine demonstration project offshore Atlantic City has been rejected by BPU two times so far on the account of the project not being economically feasible.

New Jersey has the highest potential for offshore wind power production in the US, according to a new report by Environment New Jersey, with as much as 1,700 MW of wind power up for grabs in the state in the next 5 years with the right policies in place.

The Wind Energy Projects S2711 Bill now goes to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Offshore WIND Staff