Hanseatic Power Cert Changes Company Structure

Founding partners of Hanseatic Power Cert (HPC) GmbH, GuD Consult GmbH and Thomas Köther, have acquired the company’s shares held by 8.2 Consulting AG.

Photo: alpha ventus/Illustration

Since 2008, HPC has provided testing and certification services to several offshore wind farm projects, including Global Tech, Dan Tysk, Merkur, Baltic Eagle and alpha ventus.

“With the news that our accreditation as conformity assessment body in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065 is now imminent, we are continuing to push ahead with the expansion of our services in the offshore wind sector,” said HPC managing directors Thomas Köther and Prof. Stavros Savidis. “We’d also like to thank 8.2 Consulting AG for its support and cooperation over the past years.”

HPC added it will underscore its position as an independent expert organisation with the establishment of an Advisory Council incorporating representatives from business, public administration and research.

GuD Consult GmbH had established the Hanseatic Power Cert GmbH in cooperation with partners 8.2 AG and Thomas Köther Assessment in 2007.