Europeans Get Behind 2030 Renewable Energy Targets

Over nine in ten Europeans (91%) say it is important that their government sets targets to increase the amount of renewable energy used by 2030, according to a special Eurobarometer opinion poll on climate change.

The survey also showed a small increase in those who say it is “very important,” which now stands at 52% and is up 3 percentage points from 2013.

92% of Europeans think it is important that their government provides support for improving energy efficiency by 2030, with more than half (52%) saying it is “very important.”

More than nine out of ten people in the European Union (93%) believe that fighting climate change will only be effective if all countries of the world act together, according to the opinion poll.

With just days to go until the start of the landmark climate summit in Paris, the survey shows that climate change remains a key concern for the European public, with 91% considering it a serious problem.