OSB Officially Opened

OSB has held its official opening ceremony at the facilities in Teesside, North East England. The ceremony was celebrated by several business partners and included speeches by prominent guests.

Among them were the Mayor of Stockton Ian Dalgarno, Niall Mackenzie, Director Energy, Materials & Agritech Department for Business Innovation and Skills as well as Campbell Anderson Keir, Director Energy and UK infrastructure UK Trade & Investment who all welcomed OSB to Stockton-on-Tees, UK and appreciated OSB’s contribution to UK’s offshore wind supply chain.

As OSB is a joint venture between EEW SPC and Bladt Industries, the CEOs of both companies took part in the opening of the site.

“We are very satisfied with production already being up and running. The first can for one of the transition pieces OSB is fabricating for the Burbo Bank Extension was finished in August – weeks ahead of schedule. OSB is a key part of our European manufacturing base and with the establishment of the site, we intend to further strengthen our presence in the UK market,” says Jan Kjaersgaard, CEO of Bladt Industries.

“Government policies in the UK have made it a favourable place to establish offshore wind facilities. We have been very well received in Stockton, where we expect to create a substantial number of jobs as the pipeline of OSB projects grows,” says Karl Klös-Hein, Managing Director of EEW SPC.

The next order in line is already secured: The Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm by DONG Energy will follow the Burbo Bank Extension order.

Image: Offshore Structures (Britain) Ltd