GMax Working on Tidal Energy Device Prototype

A lab-sized prototype of GMax Tidal Energy’s device is now 90% completed, the U.S. company informed today.

The twin engine machine, driven by ocean water currents will be able to generate 1.5 MW of power.

Set upon a floating stage platform, no foundations or contact with the ocean floor is required. All maintenance is performed top side, with a lift ensemble and carousel design to accept water currents from both directions. Power is generated 16 hours per day, GMax said.

The technology is based on linear flow, a method designed to capture a moving mass of water, then converting the energy into electricity.

Each modular unit is designed using a floating stage method and can be scaled up to 3 MW of electricity. A scalable design can include permanent modular units, temporary power units, or customizable options.

“GMax Power Place is not a turbine. Units can be built depending upon the area, budget, or capacity of electricity required,” the company pointed out.

Modular configurations, with numerous in-line units, can be constructed for larger scale GMax Power Place locations.

There are 2 GMax Carbon Free Engines per modular unit. These engines are supported by a connecting structure upon a deck which activates vertically, rotund, and horizontially.

Source: GMax Tidal Energy