KIC InnoEnergy Launches Tool for Predicting Innovation Impact on Cost of Energy

KIC InnoEnergy has launched Delphos, a revolutionary online tool, which is now available on KIC InnoEnergy website.

Delphos aims to make it easier for innovators to bring products to market by predicting the impact that innovation will have on the cost of energy.

Currently available for innovations in the field of wind energy (onshore and offshore), it will soon be extended to solar technologies. Innovators can either use the library of data already included in the tool or input their own data to run scenarios to predict how their innovation will impact the overall cost of energy.

Antoni Martinez, KIC InnoEnergy’s Chief Technology Officer for renewables, said: “We see this tool enabling innovators to better explore and track the impact innovations have on the field of renewable energies.

“Big businesses have long used their own in-house predictive models to help in the development of initiatives which have been beyond the scope of start-up and small business, but now any innovator can benefit from the ability to model the impact their product might have, prior to commencing expensive development process. We see this as a real game-changer in enabling innovators to bring their products to market.”

The Carbon Trust, the UK based not-for-profit focused on commercialising new low-carbon technologies, has been using Delphos to test its effectiveness in proving the future commercial value of technologies.

Al-Karim Govindji, a Senior Project Manager at the Carbon Trust, said: “We’ve been using this tool for a number of months now and the initial results look extremely promising. In assessing cost improvements of offshore wind, for example, we have historically relied on published data, but this tool allows us to customise the inputs in line with the results we get from our demonstration programmes. So having a free to use online product like Delphos has made a massive difference to the way we can assess the carbon impact of technologies we are supporting. We’re looking forward to using this tools for project cost verification in the future.”


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