Gulf of Thailand Could Host 7GW of Offshore Wind Power

Researchers from Thailand and Canada have published a paper on offshore wind potential in Thailand. 

The paper presents offshore wind resource maps of the Gulf of Thailand. The offshore wind resource maps are validated using measured wind speeds obtained from 28 meteorological towers installed along the coast of the Gulf of Thailand.

The study shows that the Bay of Bangkok has a technical power potential of 3000 MW, which could generate an annual energy production estimated at 6 TWh/year. The whole Gulf of Thailand holds a potential of 7000 MW that could generate 15 TWh/year.

The study has been coauthored by Jompob Waewsak from Research Center in Energy and Environment of Thaksin University in Thailand, and Mathieu Landryb and Yves Gagnon from Université de Moncton in Canada.

Image: Palfinger (Illustration)