Japan Launches 1.42GW Offshore Wind Study

In a bid to develop more offshore wind the Japanese Environment Ministry has selected three sites with combined capacity of 1.42GW.

Fukushima floating offshore wind power project

Iwate Prefecture and the town of Hirono were selected by the ministry to study community acceptance and environmental impact on the construction of a 200MW offshore wind farm.

Also, the authorities in the city of Kitakyushu were asked to study a potential of installing 700MW wind farm in port of Hibikinada.

Both projects are fixed-foundation offshore wind farms and will feature 5MW turbines.

Meanwhile, the city of Goto, Nagasaki Prefecture, and Toda Corp. are planning to develop floating wind turbines. Their project, located around two Goto islands will have a capacity of 522MW.

The ministry has allocated about ¥158 million (EUR 1.2 million) for the study project to help local governments take a lead in wind projects for the year starting in April.

Image: GWEC