Frisia-Offshore Wins Riffgat Crew Transfer Contract

The Frisia-Offshore GmbH & Co. KG has won a crew transfer contract for German offshore wind farm, Borkum .

From right to left: Armin Ortmann (Managing Director of Frisia-Offshore), Axel Held (Authorized Officer of „Wirtschaftsbetriebe der Stadt NSHB Borkum GmbH“), Jens Thun, Johann Schröder, Dariusz Lukomski (Crew „Wind Force II“).

The agreement was concluded to last until spring 2017 with options for two years of extension.

The vessel „Wind Force II“, which is used in the project, was delivered last year as a new building to Frisia-Offshore. The catamaran of 22 meters length is operated to transport up to 24 service technicians within 40 minutes to the wind farm sailing at a service speed of 20 knots.

“We are happy to see that in addition to the existing long term charter for the “Wind Force I” in the project “alpha ventus”, a long term charter could be secured for the region again. The “Wind Force” vessel design in the combination with the “12+PAX-concept” is the right way to be well prepared for the future”, said Armin Ortmann, managing director of Frisia-Offshore.

Borkum Riffgat, comprising 30 turbines with a total capacity of 113.4MW, can produce enough clean electricity to power about 120,000 households.

Offshore WIND Staff; Image: frisia-offshore