WNME Welcomes Approval of Tidal Energy Projects

West Normandy Marine Energy, the local public company supporting the development of Renewable Marine Energy (RME) industrial sector in West Normandy, endorses ADEME’s decision in the call‐for‐tender, which has chosen the consortia of Alstom/GDF Suez and DCNS/EDF Energies Nouvelles.

This 120 million euros budget call‐for‐tender plans the implementation of experimental tidal farms within high potential areas including the raz Blanchard, one of the strongest European sea current located off the coast of Cherbourg (West Normandy).

West Normandy represents one of the three best sites in the world, equivalent of 50% of European potential. The region benefits from the Channel highly powerful sea currents. These natural elements associated with available structural strengths (3GW electricity network capability already available and ports infrastructures offering 100 hectares dedicated to RME) make West Normandy a privileged territory for RME. The call‐for‐tender results confirm that West Normandy owns a world position beside countries like Scotland or Canada, in regards to tidal energy development.

“ONEM welcomes call‐for‐tender results accepting Alstom/GDF Suez and DCNS/EDF Energies Nouvelles and is delighted to see world industrial leaders put their expertise at the service of a future energy” announce Laurent Beauvais, President of West Normandy region and of West Normandy Marine Energy, Jean‐François Le Grand, President of General Council of Manche and Benoit Arrivé, President of Cherbourg Urban Community.

To support the manufacturers in their development projects, West Normandy region, Manche General Council and ANP, with the support of Europe, have already invested 100 million euros into the port infrastructures development. The three presidents remain alert towards the Searieus project development, carried by CMN‐Hydroquest and Valorem, and to the Tidalys project, which have not been awarded by the call‐for‐tender.

“We reaffirm our support to the candidacy of CMN‐Hydroquest and Tidalys, and we will pursue our supporting initiatives for these projects to find their place beside the two winners, especially under the support system to promising projects as the General Commission for investment will establish as announced by the Prime Minister at the congress of the Sea in Nantes”.

Press release; Image: OpenHydro