Norstec Academy Makes Its Students Proud

Anna Gryaznova, an LL.M. Student at UCL who spent a week with the offshore wind industry thanks to Norstec Academy, has written a blog post about her experience: 

Norstec Academy Makes Its Students ProudI was privileged to attend the Norstec Academy offshore wind carousel in July 2014. Flawless and seamless organization of the tour coupled with enthusiasm of Norstec Academy ambassadors led to a great experience. The whole week turned out to be informative for everyone in a highly diverse group. The structure of the tour allowed students from different backgrounds to gain knowledge about offshore wind relevant to their degrees since all speakers readily answered the questions. Such openness and friendliness of conveners and participators ensured that we spent the time in a most efficient and productive manner.

For me this was especially beneficial as I am currently working on the dissertation on regulation and policy towards renewable energy promotion. Actually, the tour was so inspirational that, after discussing the idea with my supervisor, I decided to shift my work to offshore wind. I gained so much specific and detailed knowledge during the Norstec Academy carousel, that it would be a shame not to use it in my research. The challenges that offshore wind faces nowadays in relation to promotion of the use of renewable energy and available state aid options are exciting to explore. Moreover, it makes the work prominent, cutting-edge and purposeful with the stakes close to ‘change the world’ approach. This is what offshore wind felt like during the Norstec Academy tour.

Speaking to people who work in the industry, dedicated to their jobs, it is easy to catch the fire of their enthusiasm. Offshore wind is a new fast-growing sector which appears to be a great area for the future career. I am proud to be a part of Norstec Academy and share this excitement about offshore wind.

Source: Norstec Academy, August 13, 2014; Image: Anna Gryaznova