OPUS MARINE to Measure Vessel Motion

German operator of crew transfer vessels, OPUS MARINE GmbH, has decided to invest into innovation and report impact forces applied to boat landings in offshore wind farms. Also body forces which the service technicians have to experience during the transit will be reported.

OPUS MARINE to Measure Vessel Motion

For this purpose OPUS MARINE has signed an agreement with MIR Maritime covering data acquisition and recording on board of five of their CTVs. The newly developed system named Motion Impact Recorder (MIR) will collect the ship’s motion related to the GPS coordinates and transmit the findings to the company’s server that will prepare regular reports evidencing the forces during transit and dockings on-site at the wind turbine’s foundations.

MIR Maritime is a newly established partnership between the German companies J&C Bachmann GmbH and SCHRAMM group. J&C Bachmann, located in Bad Wildbad, is specialized on the realization of industrial measurement and control applications. Developed by J&C Bachmann, the hardware of MIR is based on an architecture consisting of different sensors.

SCHRAMM group is a maritime service provider located in Brunsbüttel. It is a strategic alliance of individual companies specialising in all important areas of the maritime industry like towage, port operations, transport logistics and maritime engineering.

Bernhard Messer, Managing Director of OPUS MARINE stated “These reports from an independent third party company will provide a perfect basis for improved service to our clients and become an integral part of our KPIs. By having such reports on the vessel’s motions, we will be able to show the low impact forces we occur at the boat landings without causing any damage. We will also have a measurable reference to the wellbeing of the service technicians during transit. The feedback we have received from QHSE managers at our customers prove that this additional information service is highly appreciated.”


Press Release, July 24, 2014; Image: schrammgroup