Bureau Veritas: Norstec Academy’s Initiative Invaluable in Bringing the Best into the Industry

John Macaskill, Head of Renewables (Europe) at Bureau Veritas has given his view on the Norstec Academy, launched on May 15. 

Bureau Veritas Norstec Academy's Initiative Invaluable in Bringing the Best into the Industry

“I am proud to be part of this industry, helping to create a sustainable clean energy sector and exploiting our significant natural resources. However we are only at the start of this evolution and it will have to be picked up and driven forward by the passionate, innovative and determined engineers, geologists and economists etc of the future. The Norstec Academy is a fantastic and practical embodiment of helping foster this future.

“These passionate individuals are actually the students of today and I have been amazed firstly by the enthusiastic support generated in our offshore wind industry for this initiative, but mainly by the passion and quality of the winners of the first Norstec Academy offshore wind industry tour that were announced last week.

“The Carousel Tour will see the industry sharing knowledge and experience with these students and ambassadors. Offshore wind is on the journey to match its onshore cousin and become the cost-viable energy solution we know it will be, but to do this the torch will be given to the next generation over the next 10 years. I believe this initiative will be invaluable in bringing the best into our industry helping it achieve that future.

Press release, June 25, 2014; Image: norstecacademy