Photo of the Day: Installation Vessel Transporting Vessel Moorings

Offshore WIND’s photo of the day: DeltaStream installation vessel at Fishguard Harbour yesterday transporting vessel moorings to Ramsey Sound.

Photo of the Day Installation Vessel Transporting Vessel MooringsTidal Energy Ltd (TEL), an innovative tidal stream technology company, will be installing and testing at sea a full-scale prototype tidal stream generating device known as DeltaStream.

The company already completed site survey work at Ramsey Sound, where the device will be deployed. It has also secured Marine Licence necessary to proceed with the offshore part of the project.

Currently in construction in Pembroke Port, TEL will deploy DeltaStream in Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire in summer 2014.

Offshore WIND Staff, June 03, 2014; Image: tidalenergyltd