Mainstream CEO Congratulates Siemens

Mainstream CEO Congratulates Siemens

Dr. Eddie O’Connor, CEO Mainstream Renewable Power, has welcomed the announcement of Siemens’ investment of £160m with its port partner Associated British Ports (ABP) in a manufacturing facility at Hull on the Humber in the UK. ABP are investing £150m.

Commenting on the announcement Dr O’Connor said: “This investment is to be welcomed for several reasons. Firstly, it is gratifying to see Siemen’s increased involvement in the wind industry. The Group Chief Executive speaks about reducing the carbon footprint, something that all citizens of the planet have to welcome.

This investment is a clear recognition of the strategic importance of the Humber for the future of the offshore wind industry. Siemens and Associated British Ports are doing what is absolutely needed to get offshore wind established on a more commercial footing.

“Integrating port facilities with advanced manufacturing technology is unquestionably the way forward. Much of the construction is done on land where it can be done much cheaper than offshore. This requires huge lay down areas alongside the water for semi-finished turbines. Large specialist ships then transport the semi-finished turbines and install them on prepared foundations.”

He continued: “This is the first new factory in Europe in the wind space for many years and it demonstrates what can be accomplished when Government and industry work together. The British Government’s endeavours on offshore wind have to be noted and applauded globally. One of our great strengths in Northern Europe is the offshore wind resource.

“We are at the beginning of the transition to renewable energy, a transition that will continue until 100% of electricity is made from renewable energy and the planet is thereby rescued.

“Having been the recent recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Hull, I am delighted for Vice Chancellor Pistorius and his staff at the University. Hull is going to need a whole bunch of new skills at craft and at third level and I see the University there having a very important role to play in assisting with this grand education design.

“So congratulations to Siemens and hope they get plenty of orders from their new facility.”

Press release, March 26, 2014; Image: Mainstream Renewable Power