The Acclaimed Software to Present iObox at Oceanology 2014

The Acclaimed Software to Present iObox at Oceanology 2014

Pioneering bespoke software specialists The Acclaimed Software Company Ltd are demonstrating their iObox at Oceanology International 2014 at London’s Excel in March.

The iObox is the ultimate in synchronised serial data capture and control. The system enables serial I/O (input/output) operations to be recorded or performed to the millisecond within applications on non-real-time operating systems such as Windows or Mac.

The iObox provides real time precision data capture by reporting serial data inputs and control line changes with millisecond level time tags for land surveys, navigation and detailed underwater survey with a robust watertight version for underwater ROV data acquisition.

The iObox is also used for precision control. To achieve this, the iObox can issue commands (send serial data or control line operation) to be performed immediately or at a scheduled time, again accurate to the millisecond. These can be overridden on receipt of new information (such as GPS positions) to provide precise control. In this way, the iObox can provide precision control such the firing of a seismic air gun based on GPS position inputs.

Other applications include controlling agricultural machinery, generating precise simulators and test harnesses and a number of other offshore precision timing applications.

The Acclaimed have produced innovative software solutions such as Verify QC positioning software for VERIPOS together with Axiom & Orion visualistion software, EPOCH marine mangement software for OMM, ENC electronic navigation charting software, Fanbeam laser tracking software for MDL, wind farm monopile installation software for Harkand Andrews Survey, The Acclaimed’s Jalfrezi suite of offshore survey management applications, together with positioning and guidance software for precision agriculture.

Press release, February 26, 2014; Image: The Acclaimed Software