DONG Energy Finds Offshore Communication Solution

DONG Energy Finds Offshore Communication Solution

Innovative employees in DONG Energy’s wind business have found a new communication tool that makes it possible to communicate on offshore sites before cables have been uncoiled, and telecommunication poles have been installed.

The solution is a small portable 10-foot container containing communication systems which can reach far out to sea. At the moment, DONG Energy is testing the container at its Westermost Rough site off the British east coast.

“We’ve developed a portable container to support all types of communication required by our people offshore. This includes both telecommunication and data communication so that our employees have the possibility of communicating with each other from the beginning when examining the conditions offshore ,” said Karsten Hvalkof Andersen from DONG Energy.

He continued:

“Apart from offering TETRA and VHF radio communication between the EPC base and the wind farm, the container contains systems for data communication to the VTMS (Vessel Traffic Management System), the PTU (People Tracking Units) and the positioning system used by the installation vessels.”

The container can be placed anywhere as its diesel generator makes it self-sufficient, but it can also be operated by ‘city power’. A data connection can be created by means of copper, fibre and radio link. This means a significant degree of flexibility regarding the location of the container, which is intended as a solution which can be re-used in connection with new tasks and new projects.

A container placed close to the coast has a range across the sea of approximately 30km.


Press release, February 6, 2014; Image: DONG Energy

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