Scour Prevention Receives Quality Management System Accreditation

Scour Prevention Receives Quality Management System Accreditation

The British Standards Institute has certified Scour Prevention Systems Ltd (SPSL) with ISO 9001 accreditation for its Quality Management Systems.

Namely, the Lowestoft-based SPSL has developed an innovative anti-scour system in the form of a mattress constructed from recycled tyres, termed the Scour Prevention Mat (SPM). The SPM is proven to be an effective solution to the problems of scour occurring around monopile foundations and subsea cabling. Once installed, the SPM fills with seabed material, be it sand, mud or gravel, stabilising the seabed and preventing further scouring of the covered area.

Scour Prevention Mats take advantage of the fact that the density of the tyres and that of the surrounding seabed are very similar. Not being significantly lighter, they don’t float away, and not being heavier, they don’t sink or move. In effect, they are a completely inert protective skin over the seabed.

“We’re really proud to have successfully achieved this certification. It helps us to ensure customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do,” said project manager Warren Hoskins-Davies.

Executive Chairman John Balch added: “The accreditation adds yet more weight to our product endorsement from E.On to send a strong signal that we are ready to provide the industry with effective scour solutions.”

Offshore WIND staff, January 13, 2014; Image: scourprevention