Top News of the Week Dec 2 – 8, 2013

Top News of the Week Dec 2 – 8, 2013

Top News of the Week Dec 2 – 8, 2013

Storm ‘Christian’ Shakes DanTysk Offshore Wind Farm (Germany) 

DanTysk offshore wind farm, situated west of the island of Sylt and directly on the German-Danish border, recently shook under the strength of storm “Christian” that swept through the North Sea.

Competition in Offshore Wind Industry to Intensify 

With an expected compound average growth rate of 28.3% from 2013-2020, the growth for the offshore wind industry remains solid. Short term demand in Europe – the main market region for offshore wind – is set to stabilise pending policy clarification and implementation.

UAE: Dolwin Beta Jacket Up 

On Thursday 5 December, the jacking up of Dolwin Beta’s topsides started.

UK’s Wind Power Breaks Record by Generating 6GW 

National Grid has confirmed that a record-breaking amount of clean electricity was generated by wind power in the UK on November 29 – achieving more than 6 gigawatts (over 6,000 megawatts) for the first time.

Prototype Nacelle for Vestas’ 8MW Wind Turbine Completed 

The prototype nacelle for the world’s most powerful wind turbine, Vestas’ V164-8.0 MW, has been completed at Lindø Industrial Park, Denmark.