China: Shi Xiping Investigates Longyuan Power Offshore Branch


Shi Xiping, the chairman of board of supervisors of key large state-owned enterprises arrived at Jiangsu china Longyuan Power Offshore Branch for investigation, accompanied by Chen Bin, the Chief Accountant and member of the party leadership group of China Guodian Corporation, and Huang Qun, Secretary of Party Leadership Group of China Longyuan Power.

During the investigation, Shi and his retinue rode to the site to conduct in-field investigation for the operation of Longyuan offshore WTG on the beach, listened to the production, operation and subsequent development planning of offshore wind farm in details in the central control room of the Longyuan Rudong Offshore Booster Station, and sufficiently affirmed the achievements of China Longyuan Power for the offshore wind power development.

Shi said that China Longyuan Power has probed a offshore wind power construction technology suitable for China’s national conditions in four years, and provided powerful basis for the large scale offshore wind power development in China. Next, China Longyuan Power shall sufficiently refer to the successful experiences of other offshore projects to make Rudong offshore wind power project a sample project; the projects such as Dafeng 200,000KW project are farther from the shore, and have arduous development, operation and maintenance tasks.

Press release, December 3, 2013; Image: clypg