USA: LEEDCo Selects Monopile Foundation Design

USA LEEDCo Selects Monopile Foundations

Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo) has selected a monopile foundation design for the offshore wind pilot project in Lake Erie, writes Cleveland news portal.

This monopile would be fitted with ice cones, a proven technology which will protect wind turbines from crushing ice.

Over the last six months, LEEDCo has been working with European and U.S. engineering companies on “Lake Erie’s unique wind, wave, icing and soil conditions and to identify ways to integrate global best practices,” said LEEDCo president Lorry Wagner.

According to Wagner, the foundation design was chosen among a total of four designs developed by the team based on the cost, installation time and whether the regional shipping, manufacturing and expertise could best get the job done.

Due to the relatively light 70-ton turbines and shallow waters of 60 feet LEEDCo could use this foundation design, explained Dan Woodman from UK’s Offshore Design Engineering.

LEEDCo has already received around USD 4 million in federal grants and it is competing for nearly $50 million in additional grants, to build an 18-megawatt wind farm.

The company plans to install six 3MW Siemens turbines seven miles offshore in Lake Erie.


Offshore WIND staff, September 24, 2013; Image: leedco



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