Germany: Blue Water Finds Ro/Ro Solution for Vestas’ Turbines

Germany: Blue Water Finds Ro/Ro Solution for Vestas' Turbines

When the Rader Hochbrücke, which crosses the Kiel Cana,l was closed for trucks in August, Vestas was likely to have problems with their wind turbine transports by road. Blue Water works closely with Vestas and chartered the ro/ro ferry “Clipper Pennant” with very short warning to transport the turbines by sea instead.

Blue Water has chartered ships for projects like this before and the agreement with Vestas applies while the bridge is being renovated. The turbines are shipped from Esbjerg and Aabenraa to Bremerhafen and Rostock, and Blue Water’s experts ensure that the turbines are handled properly on route.

“We have the expertise to handle a project like this and ensure the right set-up regarding terminal and stevedoring operations and operating the ships. We quickly chartered the ship and established the right equipment to ensure quality and safety in connection with the assignment,” says Brian Sørensen of Blue Water’s wind department. For years, Blue Water has been working to develop solutions and special equipment for ro/ro transports of turbines in Esbjerg, which is the largest port in Denmark in terms of turbine shipping – a discipline in which Blue has a dominant position.

“The turbines are becoming bigger and bigger as a result of the development in the industry which makes road transports of the turbines challenging. Therefore, the ro/ro method may well grow in the future and it pleases us that we can offer this service – also when situations like this arise,” says Brian Sørensen.


Press release, August 27, 2013; Image: Blue Water