Floating Gyro-Stabilized VAWT to Be Tested in Norway (VIDEO)

Floating Gyro-Stabilized VAWT to Be Tested in Norway (VIDEO)

A model of a floating gyro stabilized Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) for offshore and near-shore applications, which is called Gwind, will be tested in the harbor of Stavanger this autumn, according to the Norwegian Centre for Offshore Wind Energy (NORCOWE).

The project is managed by TTO office Prekubator, while CMR Prototech and the University of Stavanger are partners in executing the project. Professor Arnfinn Nergaard at the University of Stavanger is the patent holder. NORCOWE has also been involved in this project.

The benefits of the Gwind floating vertical axis turbine are:

– Vertical rotor, low center of gravity

– Protection of key components inside the floater – reduced need for maintenance and increased access

– Reduced cost of production and installation compared to bottom fixed turbines

– Accommodation of a larger diameter for electric generator

– Gyro stabilization to suppress motion – reducing variable loads on structure

The following video shows testing of the Gwind floater for dynamic behavior at Stadt Towing Tank. The main goal was to verify reduced motion when the gyro stabilisation was activated within the floater:


Offshore WIND Staff, August 18, 2013; Image: gwind.no