DONG Energy Wins European Business Award in Denmark

DONG Energy Wins European Business Award in Denmark

DONG Energy has won the European Business Awards in Denmark and is now through to the international competition.

Commercial success. Innovation. Business ethics. These are the three criteria that the people behind the European Business Awards base their decision on when they have to select the company – first at a national scale and then internationally – which has done best in the competition with the others.

The winner in Denmark was DONG Energy which was nominated for the award with the following words:

“We’ve been especially impressed with the success that DONG Energy has demonstrated in their approach to the environment and sustainability, and the impact that this has had on both the business and society in general.”

The European Business Awards is awarded based on ten categories, and DONG Energy won the award in Denmark in the category ‘Environmental and Corporate Sustainability’ (Millicom Award for Environmental and Corporate Sustainability).

All ten awards are presented based on the following basic principles:

  • Success
    – The demonstration of commercial success in the relevant market or sector
  • Innovation
    – The pursuit of performance improvement and development; from products through to processes
  • Ethics
    – Demonstration of conduct or behaviour that respects legislation, the environment and the rights of all stakeholders.

“I consider this award to be a recognition of our work with the conversion to an ever greener energy system. In DONG Energy, the work of promoting sustainable energy production is part of our strategy and therefore, the award is a recognition of DONG Energy’s employees,” said Henrik Poulsen, CEO of DONG Energy.


Press release, August 7, 2013; Image: European Business Awards/DONG Energy


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