Germany: Riffgat Offshore Wind Farm Completed

Germany: Riffgat Offshore Wind Farm Completed

EWE, the developer of Riffgat offshore wind farm, has announced that the construction of its project is now completed.

After being significantly involved in the construction of the first German offshore wind test Alpha Ventus, the company has now built Riffgat offshore wind farm ‒ the first commercial offshore wind farm off the coast of Borkum in the North Sea. EWE managed to build 30 wind turbines with a total capacity of 108MW in just 14 months of construction.

“This is the power of a dedicated team of great people and a day that means a lot to all of us,” said Irina Lucke, Technical Project Manager for the construction of wind farms.

The timely completion of the works will be celebrated on Saturday, 10th August in Norddeich.

However, it will take another few weeks until the offshore wind farm is ready to provide its first power, as the grid operator TenneT is currently working on the last section of the 50 kilometers long submarine cable that will connect the wind farm to the grid.


Offshore WIND Staff, July 18, 2013; Image: EWE