Bicker Fen Residents Not in Favor of RWE’s Substation (UK)

Bicker Fen Residents Not in Favor of RWE’s Substation (UK)

After RWE announced yesterday its preferred sites for onshore electrical infrastructure for Triton Knoll offshore wind farm, residents of Bicker Fen voiced their disapproval of the company’s selection for the substation site.

The residents say that a structure of that size would lower the prices of houses and ruin the landscape by turning the village into an industrial site.

Councillor Aaron Spencer, who represents Bicker Fen on Boston Borough Council, empathizes with the residents: “I have heard a lot of their concerns about it disrupting the landscape and the fact that they’re worried about the roads with all the machinery needed to build a massive substation,” he is quoted by the BBC as saying.

On the other hand, RWE said that it would build a new access road and that this project is of a great importance, as it would create 500 working positions during the construction phase and over 300 during operation. 

“We sent consultation information out to about 8,000 homes and met with nearly 900 residents,” the BBC cited Jacob Hain from RWE.


Offshore WIND Staff, June 27, 2013; Image: RWE


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