First Wind Turbine Installed at Riffgat Offshore Wind Farm (Germany)

First Wind Turbine Installed at Riffgat Offshore Wind Farm (Germany)

The first of a total of 30 wind turbines for EWE’s Riffgat offshore wind farm at the North Sea has been installed.

“Further seven turbines are already on board the specialized vessel, so that Riffgat will now continue to grow very rapidly,” says EWE’s Dr. Torsten Köhne. The plan is to have the wind farm ready by summer.

“If everything continues to run well, Riffgat will be Germany’s first fully erected commercial wind farm in the North Sea,” Köhne announced.

After the start of construction in June last year, the project team had initially built all the foundations for the offshore wind turbines and completed the wiring inside the park. The substation, situated in the center of the wind farm, was installed in February.

Now, everything is ready for the SWT-3.6-120 wind turbines that have been made ​​in the recent months by Siemens in Denmark. The tower sections, nacelles and rotor blades are loaded in Esbjerg on the installation vessel “Bold Tern” from the Norwegian shipping company Fred Olsen WindCarrier. From there, the components go toward Borkum Riffgat. The vessel will commute four times in the coming weeks, until all systems are installed at their destination.


Offshore WIND Staff, May 6, 2013; Image: EWE