UK: Custom Built 14m Catamaran for Osiris Projects

UK Custom Built 14m Catamaran for Osiris Projects

At Ocean Business Osiris Projects announced the delivery of a new 14m catamaran planned for later this year.

The bespoke vessel, built by Blyth Workcats, will be customised specifically to the requirements of shallow water survey, and will feature the latest offerings from their regular equipment suppliers. The design is similar to that of 15m catamaran ‘Lia’; another custom-build catamaran launched in 2004. The design is a popular choice for crew transfer vessels and is known for providing a fast transit speed without comprising stability.

The new vessel follows the launch of 27m semi-SWATH catamaran ‘Bibby Tethra’ in 2011, and is Osiris Projects’ 4th custom build project.


Press release, April 23, 2013; Image: Osiris Projects

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