Keith Anderson Calls for Fast Clarification of UK Energy Bill Details

Keith Anderson Calls for Fast Clarification of UK Energy Bill Details

Keith Anderson, the Chief Corporate Officer of Iberdrola in the UK and the head of ScottishPower Renewables, has warned that any delays to the Energy Bill will cause a standstill to several projects that are ready to start with the construction, the Herald Scotland news site writes.

There are between 10 and 15 power plant developments with planning consent in the UK, but utility companiesare unwilling to investin new plants while there are unclear details in the policy on the funding mechanisms, Mr. Anderson told the news site.

Though he agrees with the policy in general, he said that the clarity on each of its parts is needed in order for the developers to move forward with their projects. The fact that more details are being revealed gradually worry Mr. Anderson that the timetable of the legislation may be delayed.

“At principle level we have no issues [with the bill] and it is good to see it moving forward. The issue now is to get clarity on each of the parts then our view is to move forward as quickly as possible. There is a huge opportunity here to use the energy sector to help boost the UK economy,” Mr. Anderson is cited by the Herald Scotland as saying.

He emphasised: “Give the clarity now and let us understand the mechanism and you will see the investment come through in an orderly fashion.”


Offshore WIND Staff, January 7, 2013; Image: ScottishPower