The Netherlands: Worker Dies During Maintenance Work on SEA JACK

In connection with maintenance work on the installation vessel SEA JACK in the Keppel Verolme yard in Rotterdam, a serious accident happened this morning to one of their subcontractors.A 43 year-old Danish employee from the Esbjerg-based company Peter Harbo A/S died in a work accident.

“We are deeply sorry to have to inform that an employee of our supplier has died. Further information is pending the investigation of the circumstances surrounding the accident,” says Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO of A2SEA.

Closest relatives have been informed and the Emergency Response Team of A2SEA is taking action and is following emergency procedures as planned.

A backup team from the office has immediately been sent to SEA JACK in Rotterdam together with a crisis psychologist in order to support the crew on board SEA JACK.

In connection with all serious work accidents it is their standard procedure to investigate all aspects of the accident with an independent investigation unit. This independent investigation will be issued as soon as possible.


Press release, December 21, 2012