Dena Calls on German Government to Allow Power Tariffs Increase

German Energy Agency (Deutsche Energie Agentur; Dena) released a study on Tuesday, which shows that up to EUR 42.5 billion of investment is needed in distribution infrastructure until 2030, in order to shift to renewables. Based on that fact, Dena has urged the Government to allow grid operators to increase the tariffs.

Existing profit margins are not so attractive incentive for grid operators to install and maintain new equipment and for investors to provide the funds, Dena’s managing director Stephan Kohler is quoted by Reuters as saying.

However, the energy agency said that the expansion of renewable energy and the one of infrastructure must be “urgently aligned”.

“The legal framework must be adjusted to facilitate the necessary investment in the distribution grids of the future,” Mr. Kohler said.


Offshore WIND Staff, December 12, 2012