Denmark: Blue Water Shipping Acts as Agent for ‘Pacific Orca’

Denmark: Blue Water Shipping Acts as Agent for 'Pacific Orca'

In November, Blue Water Shipping acted as agent for the world’s largest wind turbine installation vessel “Pacific Orca”, which was undergoing minor adjustments at Lindoe Industrial Park before duty calls.

Blue Water Shipping was responsible for coordination with the port authorities as well as with the customs authorities, transport of the ship’s crew in connection with medical attention and various other practical business while the new vessel was  prepared for its first job in the North Sea. The first assignment for the vessel involves transport of a Norwegian drilling rig cut into smaller parts, for re-use at a steelwork.

Eight propellers which can turn in all directions are used when the vessel is put into the exact position to install a wind turbine foundation in the seabed. The propellers are part of the flexibility the “Pacific Orca” offers when installing wind turbine foundations.

“Pacific Orca” has all modern facilities on board e.g. fitness studio, lounge, internet café, hospital/emergency room, satellite tv, sauna, laundry and cinema.


Press release, December 4, 2012; Image: Swire