Canada: Nova Scotia Works on Partially Tidal Powered Vessel

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Canada: Nova Scotia Works on Partially Tidal Powered Vessel

A research on an idea to develop a hybrid vessel for Digby County, partially powered by the tides, is under its way with a tidal energy developer from Nova Scotia Fundy Tidal Inc. leading the project.

Greg Trowse, the company’s chief technology officer, confirmed this to The Chronicle Herald: “The evaluation is in the early stages, but … a hybrid ferry powered partially by the tides would be a very beautiful thing.”

The Nova Scotia’s Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewalsaid that the E.Y.E. Marine Consultants, a companyfrom Dartmouth, is working on design specifications for the new vessel. He added that the design will be left open, to allow converting it into a battery-operated ferry in the future.

Dalhousie University’s physical oceanography and mechanical engineering departments and Acadia University’s Tidal Energy Institute are also working on a similar project.

Funding for the project implementation has been secured by the Canada Excellence Research Chairs program, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the Offshore Energy Research Association of Nova Scotia.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal hopes to have the vessel out to tender in January.


Offshore WIND staff, October 17, 2012; Image: Fundy Tidal

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