Spain: Gamesa Renames Its Wind Turbine Platforms

Spain: Gamesa Renames Its Wind Turbine Platforms

Gamesa, a global technology leader in the wind energy industry, has renamed all of its wind turbine platforms, both onshore and offshore, for the purpose of tailoring its turbine family names to an increasingly versatile product portfolio.  

Effective immediately, the company’s turbine families -of which it has installed machines totalling more than 25,000 MW in 40 countries-, and all new platforms will bear the Gamesa brand name and indicate nominal capacity: Gamesa 850 kW, Gamesa 2.0 MW, Gamesa 4.5 MW and Gamesa 5.0 MW offshore.

The names of the turbine models within each family will remain unchanged and will continue to be labelled by rotor size and nominal capacity.

Gamesa 2.0 MW, the most versatile platform

The combination of a 2.0 MW turbine and five rotor options (diameters of 80 m, 87 m, 90 m, 97 m and 114 m) make the Gamesa 2.0 MW platform ideal for any type of location, with current levels of fleet availability exceeding 98%.

As of June 2012, Gamesa had installed a total of 6,626 units of its 2.0 MW turbine worldwide (amounting to combined capacity of 13,252 MW). The company enhanced the platform early this year with the launch of the G114-2.0 MW Class IIIA, which maximizes energy yields from low-wind sites.

Gamesa 4.5 MW, the most powerful and innovative land-based system

In the multi-megawatt sector, Gamesa continues to be a technology leader in the industry by developing the Gamesa 4.5 MW, the most powerful land-based platform on the market.

Unique characteristics of the first turbine of this family, the G128-4.5 MW turbine, include the world’s first segmented blade, which provides ease of transport and assembly on par with that of a 2.0 MW turbine, and FlexiFit, a crane which couples to the nacelle to assist in assembly and servicing. Despite its 128m rotor size and 62.5 meter blade, the turbine is extraordinarily light-weight. These innovations combine to enhance the model’s competitiveness in Cost of Energy (CoE) terms for this capacity segment.

Also, the G128-4.5 MW is the first wind turbine generator in the world designed for sustainability and the only turbine to receive Ecodesign certification through the International Standard ISO 14006/2011 which guarantees the turbine produces the lowest possible environmental impact throughout its useful life.

Gamesa 850 kW, reliability and flexibility

One of the turbines with the longest history of use in the land-based market -Gamesa has installed 9,654 machines (combined capacity of 8,206 MW)- the Gamesa 850 kW platform and its G52-850 kW and G58-850 kW models are renowned for their reliability and adaptability in extreme-condition locations, making them useful for a wide range of environments, including deserts, humid climates, high or low temperatures, high altitudes, etc.

The Gamesa 850 kW platform also is a good fit for use in the fast growing U.S. distributed and community wind energy sector.

Gamesa 5.0 MW offshore

Gamesa has designed and developed its first offshore turbine platform, the Gamesa 5.0 MW offshore. The pioneer turbine in this family, the G128-5.0 MW (with a 128m rotor diameter and a modular and redundant design) includes the technology proven and validated by Gamesa for the 4.5 MW platform, along with the know-how and experience gained through its use.

This year, Gamesa resolved to begin the process of installing its first offshore prototype G128-5.0 MW at the Arinaga Pier on the island of Gran Canaria (one of Spain’s Canary Islands), which will make the device the first offshore wind turbine to be erected in Spain.


Press release, September 5, 2012; Image: Gamesa

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