Norway: DNV to Launch Sesam GeniE 6.3

Norway: DNV to Launch Sesam GeniE 6.3

With the new 6.3 version of Sesam GeniE, DNV Software introduces an innovative method of strength analysis through the entire lifecycle of fixed offshore structures. The solution improves the efficiency and reliability of the critical data handling, increasing the operation’s security and profitability. This launch makes Sesam GeniE the most comprehensive tool for strength analysis of fixed offshore structures in the market.

To avoid catastrophes at oil or gas field operations it is vital that a thorough strength analysis is done before a structure is operative. The effects of wave, wind and fatigue determine the duration and profitability of the operation, and correct calculations are critical. Efficient strength analysis throughout all stages of the life cycle of an offshore structure – construction, transportation/installation, in-place, modification, and requalification – has been a significant challenge in the marketplace.

When reuse of the same model data through all these stages is not supported, the analytics become inefficient and imprecise. Necessary modifications at later stages in the lifecycle of offshore structures have become increasingly important in today’s market.

With the new version of Sesam GeniE the user can easily reuse all the model data in all stages of a jacket’s lifecycle, including modification and requalification projects. This will save time and improve the quality of the calculations.

“We are proud to launch an innovative solution which will have a big impact in the market, in addition to making life easier and more profitable for our thousands of users. We have invested in this software for 40 years and this new version supports our position as the world’s leading provider of complete and user-friendly software for managing risk within maritime and offshore structures,” says Are Follesdal Tjønn, DNV Software Managing Director.

Existing model data from other CAD/CAE-systems can easily be imported to the new version of Sesam GeniE; including data from older versions of Sesam or from competitors such as Sacs, StaadPro, Ansys or Nastran. This means that previous investments are secured when importing into Sesam GeniE.

“By importing data into Sesam GeniE the user will save the time that would have been spent remodelling from scratch. In addition, Sesam GeniE will have the information on the quality of the model, and will help understand previous modelling. In other words, modification and requalification projects are simplified, and the impact on security and profitability is significant,” says Ole Jan Nekstad, DNV Software Product Director Sesam.

Version 6.3 also includes a range of other new features for strength analysis of fixed and floating structures. Examples are faster and the modelling of guiding geometries for the purpose of making surfaces is more precise.

Sesam GeniE 6.3 can import NURBS curves from DXF and Rhino, has a more complete XML data storage include code checking of beams, model repair of beams when importing data from Sacs and FEM format and a more flexible import of results from super element analysis.

Sesam GeniE 6.3 will be launched 24 August 2012.


Offshore WIND staff, August 22, 2012; Image: DNV