Denmark: ITW Wind Group Has Great Expectations

The offshore wind industry could name 100 small and large firms from North Jutland which are essential to the development of the renewable energy, reports Nordjyske news portal.

Among them is the ITW Wind Group, company based in Aalborg, which produces high-strength concrete, an important component in the large wind turbine foundations.

European sales manager in the company, Peter Goerlitz, has great expectations.

“We were the first players in the market, and had created a very strong position. But when the market is large and growing, it’s obviously interesting for competitors, so we must be awake. But we have the experience, the specifications and certificates“, he said.

Besides this, Peter Goerlitz sees a big advantage by being part of the Hub North cluster in following the market and sharing market promotions.


Offshore WIND staff, July 24, 2012